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Been there, it was fun as usual the speakers been Deepak Gulati and Janakiram. And since I boast myself to be a self-proclaimed designer more than a developer - it was XAML (pronounced as zaamel) and WPF/E that had my interest most.

Here are random notes from the session for reference :

1. OpenXML : The new format publicized by Microsoft as the standard Office Document Format - Now on (Office 2007) all your office documents are XML Files bunched or compressed pk zipped to be precise. So now to generate excel document on the server you need not have excel at all - because all you have to do is create XML files OpenXML files.

2.VISTA Logo program For developers - The guidelines should be a quality standard

3.UAC - User Access Control - Nobody is King on VISTA - Safe Desktop (gr eyed-out background screen - allows no send keys) Color coded Message alerts indicating the kind of application being invoked. The Standard Privilege and Admin Privilege tokens. The virtual store for backward compatibility. Delving into the UAC Manifest (XML) for your visualstudio apps

4.WPF/E & XAML: The declarative syntax is back in action - "Aghost.js" the simple way to do complex work - Rendering and Triggers - Presentation Framework /Everywhere - plugins for Mozilla, Safari and IE ofcourse

ASP.NET & AJAX: Membership Provider magic, AJAX update panel - Web Services + AJAX + JSON (Yeah JSON the *fancy term for csv file format comma seperated...*) - The proxy web service with AJAX doesnt use SOAP, JSON is in. The $get(<%%>) to get server elements in client Javascript. Other buzz words - REST - to share state, POX - Plain old XML, XMLRPC - Web event handlers & Web Parts

COOL TOOLS Exposed during the session:
MT.exe: The Manifest Tool to embed the manifest in your application ( use the command line in the post build command of your app) WMICodegenerator: All the Code for WMI related stuff in a flash !! Application Verifier: A verification tool for your or any application - see whats the underground activity - xml output Standard User Analyzer: A more visual tool to analyze what is beneath XAMLPAD : The basic XAML Editor ORCA & WIX: For MSI examination STREAM.exe: For modifying the zone identifier (The NTFS MORE & STUFF Command line WPF/EPAD, Microsoft Expressions, MobiForm, ElectricRain Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2007 8:14 PM Microsoft Days | Back to top

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