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From past 3 days I am struggling to access internet from Virtual PC Guest operating system.  My host operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium Edition. Even though Microsoft officially does not support virtual PC on Windows Vista Home premium, it is working fine with me.

But I was unable to access the internet from my VPC. I search a lot related this in google and tried all the different options like changing the network adapters, Setting the default DNS Address and couple of other options, but no help.

Finally today, I saw some interesting post on some of the web sites. As per this post, the author suggested 3 points

  1. Make sure the Virtual Machine Network service is installed.
  2. Make sure Virtual Machine Network service is enabled
  3. Even though the internet is not working, uninstall the Virtual Machine Network service, Restart the Physical system and reinstall the Virtual machine. 

I did exactly the same … and it worked

And I am posting this from my Virtual PC.

Posted on Tuesday, May 26, 2009 12:58 AM General | Back to top

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