Multiple Orchestration Instances

Had a funny problem with BizTalk today that I thought worth blogging about in case anyone else makes the same mistake.


I have the following setup:


File Receive Port (map to canonical) --> Orchestration --> Send Port (map to external)


After deploying with the BizTalk Deployment Framework I kicked off an integration test which dropped a single record flat file in the receive location. The send port did its thing and all looked good. Then I noticed many (and I mean many!) messages were being sent.


My first thought was perhaps the source file wasn't being deleted by the file adapter but that drew a blank. It turned out the problem was caused by a simple mistake with the orchestration's logical activating receive port. I had set the Binding to Direct!


So, canonical message entered the orchestration but also left the orchestration (because I have mapping on the send port rather than within the orchestration). This meant that the send (from the orchestration to the messagebox) triggered a new activating receive and another orchestration instance!

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