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“Design Patterns 100″ is a prerequisite for .NET Developers.

(Part 1 – Excerpts from July 2010 – PhillyNJ.NET Presentation)

This series of shorts is targeted at those .NET developers who glaze over at when people start talking patterns.

I’ve noticed this before, but it wasn’t until I had a few discussions with people from the local user group that I realized there was a need.

First we answer why should a .NET developer need to be aware of patterns?

After this series is conmplete this blog will have articles many with demonstrations code downloads on Design Patterns as they are applied in .NET programming. It will range from the basic “Gang of Four” patterns to Enterprise Design Patterns and Practices.

Now let’s imagine that you and your significant other are deciding to buy a house or better yet have one built.

You start talking about it. You both see this image in your head of a house. That image is a house pattern. As you start talking through the details you find that your pattern is slightly different than your partner. But it is still a house. There is a ABSTRACT pattern in your head. Your talking about the same thing. But the differences are in the details.

Yet you both can still come to an agreement of a basic DESIGN PATTERN for the house you want. Maybe it is a two story Colonial, or a single floor Cape Cod. But you can agree on a general pattern of the house of your dreams.

So off you go to see housing developer/builder who just so happens to have a specific group of housing patterns to offer you. Some of them are very different and some are close to what your partner and you desire.

So to make you happy the Developer sets up a meeting with the Architect of those design patterns. After all the goal is to get you to spend your money on a implementing the design pattern of your dreams.

As the USER of this house you’ll want to the best house you can afford.

Keep in mind that there are several UPGRADE paths available to you as time goes on.

So in staying on the HOUSE theme here. The Architect that the Developer and User went to see has quite a selection of building DESIGN PATTERNS.

Of which apparently houses were just a few in his collection. Seems the BUILDING pattern itself has several other variations in it like apartment buildings, office buildings and shopping malls.

If you stop and look. All these building patterns were made of similar sub patterns which also like buildings come in various implementations of the sub patterns.

These sub patterns range from everything from Windows and doors. To other things cabinets, lights, locks, etc, etc….

The point to be made here is that all these different people have different images or patterns in their heads of what a house is and what it consists of.

Everyone from the architect down to the end user (home owner) understand some form of a pattern that they can talk about it prior to the implementation of that pattern into a real object.

So this is why .NET Developers need to understand DESIGN PATTERNS?

It is really not that hard a subject when you view it from the right perspective.

Don’t you think?

(NEXT: Design Patterns 100-Part2 – The LINGO of the trade)

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