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News Currently working on complete Enterprise Design Patterns set of examples and blog articles based on AdventureWorks 2008 R2 Sample Database. This is my favorite sample database as you can use if for about anything from simple applications development to business intelligence applications

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This is the presentation I did June 29, 2011 at PHILLYNJ.NET. 

It is the first in a multi-part of a series on the Applied Design Patterns. 

 The solution files are working code with design pattern notes in the comment blocks.

After the overview and higher level discussions on Enterprise Design Patterns I reviewed the low level Database Access Library of code.  With walk-throughs of the the code and unint test.

After that we went through the ProductPhotoConsoleTest Application that performed intergration testing of the DBAccess Class with the AdventureWorks ProductPhoto table extracting the photos and writing them to a file folder.

The Demo code and PowerPoint can be obained from this link.!/?cid=29e34e9a8650bb9e&sc=documents&id=29E34E9A8650BB9E%21151

Please note that I use Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.  If you have a lesser version the Modeling projects likely will not work or have limited functionality and you should unload that project to prevent warning.





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