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Here is the thing, I sitting here on someone's backdeck talking to myself (blogging) while my wife attends a purse buying party. I am perfectly fine sitting here tapping away on my iPhone without any remorse for the lack of social commentary. Have I always been this way or has tech let me become anti-social?

I think in my case it allows me to be more alone in a crowd than before because I look busy. On the other hand, I feel I have a better relationship with more distant friends or relatives due to tech. So I don't think matters either way. Even than Amish have their communication issues.

There is a really good show called NextWorld on Discovery or some other channel that is really good. I enjoy seeing the far out things that literally we can do, but the "we" is limited to either the rich or the few scientists that created the ability. I want a pair of the HUDs contact lens. I like the idea of seeing an overpay of whatever I want. It would make meetings much more fun. In fact, I would not mind the whole Matrix thing if not for the slavery thing. Well, off to plunder the treasure trove of google reader while I wait to see what I bought today. I hope it isn't too girly! rusty Posted on Saturday, September 20, 2008 11:24 AM the Weirding Way , the Meanderings | Back to top

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