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We all know the legend of King Canute and how he supposedly ordered the tide to standstill, of course the tide didn't, moral being man has no power over nature.

Let us suppose for a second that the tide is infact 'change'. Change is just like death and taxes, an unavoidable constant of life, an undeniable certainty.

So the question is, if you can spot the tide of change are you going to stand in its way?

The answer is of course no, just like trying to stop the tide it would be a foolish to endeavor, right? So why do people in IT try?

It’s perfectly normal to be risk averse; most humans don't like change this is why we build routines into our daily lives to give us a sense of security. The irony is that we are actually very good at adapting to change it is the single biggest reason that has ensured our success as a species, and also our very survival. 

At accelerating speed, the I.T. revolution is having a profound impact on methods of management, manufacture, and service, purchasing and selling. I.T. is a part of the drive to accomplish current tasks more efficiently and to achieve new purposes such as meeting new business requirements. We need the former for competitive survival and the latter for competitive success.

Economic change is quite slow but moves with inexorable power within their relatively stable trends, however markets and monetary flow can fluctuate sharply, competitive ways can alter dramatically and technology and innovation can fracture established practices. This compels organizations to be ready for sudden change on any level by putting into place basic contingency planning and funds to call on during periods of uncertainty.

King Canute was in fact not a stupid as legend would have us believe. He was no stranger to dramatic change, his world was in a state of permanent flux as his lands were under constant threat of invasion. In reality he knew the tide would not change for him so he performed the demonstration to silence those in his court that just seeked to flatter him, know that he must have decent and honest advice from those around him if he still was to remain King.

So if you wish to be successful you must have a plan to embrace change.

Over the next few weeks I will be altering the direction of my blog to untypical water for a technology blog and look at ways we in I.T. can help to deal with change.

Just like understand a language like C# or Java, financial people need to see things in a language they understand to make sense of what you are asking for. In subsequent postings I will be dealing with how to create a business case where I will aim to help technical people understand how to put together a good justification. I will also be looking into ways to manage and plan for change.

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