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I still very much enjoy dabbling around with PC hardware. I like to think that my PC at home is no slouch and built by my own fair hand, so a dare say I know a thing or two that I’ve picked up on a long the way.

The duel-core processors from AMD and Intel are an exciting new concept to hit the mainstream. Software that can take advantage of duel-core processors will be a little thin on the ground initally, but using the AMD 64 as an example this hasn’t stopped many people from purchasing them.

It is very important as developers we realise this and start to get our heads around multi-threading to really get our applications to take full advantage of these new processors so our software can maximise the good old ‘bang per buck’ ratio, i.e. getting more for your money.

I know that most servers these days have more than one processor in them for a very long time and people haven’t really taken full advantage before, but the difference is that in the next few years most processors out there will be duel-core, so what is now a ‘nice to have’ will all to soon be the default as is that case in the I.T. industry over and over again.

Anyway to one of my biggest beef’s, why is it that most desktop PC in business have rubbish graphics cards? What is the point of putting a decent processor in a machine if one of the computers main activities is going to be a bottleneck? Guess what, applications graphics are only going to get richer and more complex with the advent of technologies such as Avalon. The only reason why we don’t do it now is because it’s difficult to code, but once technologies such as XAML are here this is not going to be such a problem.

So is business looking for flashier graphics? When you put it like this the answer is no, but the business will always prefer to see their data in new and easier to understand ways and because we are human the best way is always via a picture. Business will always want to ask just one more question of their data they can see and it will be our job to make that happen. So those people who can’t see the reason why desktop machines should be as powerful as the ones in the home I say that these people that they have a severe lack of vision. Obviously each case will need to be looked at on its merits so I see no reason why a better graphics card to make better graphical applications shouldn't be an option for business.

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