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Any idea what GRID computing is? Well a new website from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) here in the UK answers this question very well and can be found here.

The DTI has joined forces with industry organisations to raise awareness of Grid computing and its benefits.

So put very simply, what is GRID computing? For a change it’s not a set of initials. GRID computing is about making better use of the processing power your computers already have.

Most computers spend their time idle or hardly straining. If that wasted processing power could be harnessed by another activity easily then we wouldn’t need to keep buying so many more machines and wasting space, generating heat and using energy.

The utopian dream is to take this several stages further and turn computing power into a utility like Gas, Electricity and Water where you could buy processing power off specialist organisations that would provide for your processing needs.

Good examples of simple GRID projects are,

I think this a very positive initiative and good to see that the Government is in the forefront of it. Obviously the technology to achieve the utopian vision isn’t here yet but this does stir the imagination as it gives a vision of what the future could contain.

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I also like Gridipedia. They have great Grid computing Glossary, as well as some really unique stuff on the oft-neglected business aspects of Grid computing
Left by Pedro Patterson on Apr 02, 2008 5:18 PM

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