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I don’t usually like to be blunt as a general rules these days as you can imagine that a whack over the head can often offend but in the case of SOA 2.0 I’m willing to let this rule slide.

Oracle and Gartner are starting to talk about a term called SOA 2.0. In a nutshell SOA 2.0 is SOA + EDA or Event Driven Architecture. The natural progression of service is towards an event driven model but this does not necessarily mean that this is an upgrade to SOA. EDA can happily fit inside SOA as EDA is really reference to an implementation; SOA is really implementation free as a guiding principle, unless you want to sell products and this perhaps is the rational behind the term SOA 2.0.

The term SOA 2.0 is actually rather dangerous as it implies an upgrade to SOA or a real innovation but in reality it's just a marketing ploy dressed as an innovation. I have spoken about this kind of technique before and it's dangers here and how it can destroy the term SOA.

Another reason why the term SOA 2.0 is dangerous is because it clearly flies in the face of OASIS and their work to create a standard reference model. Without a central agree terms of reference SOA as an architectural principle will not survive and will sink beneath the waves because it has been weighed down by a fractured market place filled with proprietariness, vendor lock-in and customer contempt and mistrust. Perhaps by this time Oracle won't care as they've shifted a lot of units and are busy on the next marketing campaign, sorry big thing.

MWD has felt so strongly about it 'SOA 2.0? Stop the madness' that they have put together an online petition which can be found here.


Well this my 200th post at GWB and I'm looking forward to my next 200!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers for taking the time. GWB for hosting my blog and all my geek friends for supporting me.

The blog is however going to change I'm going back to keeping it simple and concentrating on Architecture because this is where most interest is held for me and because there are so few blogs on this subject and I believe that this is the area I can most share in. Obviously the movement in this space isn't as frequent so you won't find me posting everyday or have a large readership because it is a niche interest so I will from time to time continue to post on general stuff that interests me that I think would interest you so there is going to be a great deal of Geek centric content as well ... oh and probably the odd rant! (I know it's totally out of character :-)

Anyway take care !

Dave Oliver

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