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To Microsoft’s credit their Architecture resources are much improving. The excellent free Architecture Journal and the MSDN Architecture Centre have been going for sometime but I noticed recently that there is a new UK centric Architecture Portal written by the UK DPE Architect Team with the new free monthly Arc Magazine.

The first editions of the Arc Magazine tackle the highly logical new buzz ‘Software + Services’ with links to the Microsoft Strategy Software + Services Home Page. I will talk about this is greater depth in later posts.

It is clear that they are keen to hear what we think so they have a Polls Portal (written using Zoho Polls I notice)

One other really cool link I found off the page was a link to recordings of all of the Architecture stream PDC sessions from last year so another piece of Architecture resource gold!

Microsoft in recent years certainly has gone from ‘zero to hero’ in terms of Architecture my only real criticisms are that they are to software development centric still and need to get in touch more with their inner IT Pro.

Also Architecture is a practice of balancing Software Yin, and Hardware Yang, so it is also important to talk about specification and configuration of hardware and networking in a bit more depth than just the current light touch. This could be an opportunity to see more joint articles with key hardware partner such as Dell & HP as Architects also need to know about what is happening in this fast paced side of the industry and how it effects software.

All in all a good start and certainly somewhere I will regularly visit and another two RSS feed’s (Features RSS Feed and News RSS feed) to subscribe to.

They are also keen to hear what you think so email your comments to

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