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I spoke last weekend at the Orlando SQL Saturday on the topic of SQL Server and the xml data type. I was somewhat concerned that my session would draw little attendees for several reasons. First, my session was in the last timeslot of the day, from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Second, I was up against some tough competition. The organizers of the event had brought in Joe Celko to speak, and he was speaking at the same time I was. Buck Woody from Microsoft was also speaking, discussing the new Resource Governor in SQL Server 2008. So my competition was good.

As a side note, the rest of us speaking at that time made a little wager. Whoever had the least in their session would by the first round of drinks at the after party. Since I don't drink alcohol, my tab would at least be cheap.

I figured that I might get 1/2 dozen or so in my session given the other presenters I was up against (and their topics). However, by the time my session started, I had over 30. My room was packed. I was blown away.

I talked to Kendal van Dyke after my presentation and told him how many people were in my session. He told me that he also spoke on the SQL Server xml data type at the South Florida SQL Saturday and he had just over 50 people in his session.

At the after party Kendal and I and a couple of others were talking about this. We had no idea that there is so much interest in the xml data type in SQL Server. I would be extremely interested to hear from those of you who use the xml data type or are thinking about / exploring the SQL Server xml data type. I'd like to hear your experiences, good or bad, how you use it, and what you use it for.

While I am still involved with the Entity Framework book, I still have a passion for SQLXML and would love to do some articles or blog posts on topics that any of you might need any information on.

I'm all ears...


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Finally got around to responding to this topic. At my workplace we're moving more & more to XML everything. SQLXML, XML files for communications between programs, XML data files, etc... It's flexibility & hierarchical structure allow for many uses. I didn't attend your presentation, but I'd certainly appreciate some more articles & posts.
Left by Ray Almonte on Feb 08, 2010 8:41 AM

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