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A lot happened in 2007: I finally got around to obtaining my MCTS in ASP.NET, I started a new long term contract, I bought a house, and I got married! More relevant to the community, I helped found the Columbia Enterprise Developers Guild and decided to take up speaking.

Today will not be a day of new resolutions for me. I will continue the plan I laid out privately a few months ago. I'm listing it here to share my goals, much as some of the other bloggers have done. My plan is aggressive, because as long as I strive to meet my goals I will better myself as a result.


Continue the excellent work we’ve done with the Columbia Enterprise Developers Guild.

 I consider 2007 a success for CEDG, although there are improvements that can be made. Having meetings every month at the same date and time is vital to continue its growth, and we’ve been very good at ensuring that happens. Now, I just need to do better advertising so our numbers can grow. I have a self-imposed benchmark for meeting attendance that must be reached before plans are made for larger events.

Become a better speaker

 To become a better speaker, I must do more speaking. Besides, I enjoy spreading the love for continuous integration and good software design! Therefore, I’ve decided I should give a presentation at, a minimum, one meeting/conference a month. I’ve already arranged to speak in Florence next week, and I’m an alternate speaker at Code Camp Philly. I’ve signed onto Code Camp Miami, and I plan to do so for Roanoke once the call for speakers is announced. I’ll keep a lookout for other Code Camps that I can travel to at an affordable price.

I will put together a new presentation every half year and reuse my older ones where there is interest.

Read and review technical books

I read technical books all the time. However, I rarely do a straight read through and usually only go for the parts that interest me. Don’t worry, I do read fiction straight through! Since I would like to provide book reviews to the wonderful companies that provide swag to the guild, I am going to make myself more disciplined in this aspect.

Maintain status on MSDN Forums

I’ve been in the top 100 answerers list since November 27th. There's no reason to stop now.


I need to blog more often; weekly at a minimum. Luckily, I can find material from questions I’ve answered in the forums, and I will be able to post a book review at least once a month. Also, there are bound to be good stories from my trips to various Code Camps and user group meetings.

Get MCPD Enterprise Applications

I had a major upheaval in my life at the time I was strongly pursuing my certification. Things have settled since then, and I need to get back into this before the 2.0 certifications disappear.


All of these activities have synergy with each other, and by the end of 2008 I will have enhanced my career and life as a result. Happy New Years everyone!

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