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I gave my new presentation, "The Future of Managed Code," last at the Pee Dee Area .NET User Group in Florence, SC. There was a pretty decent turn out for the presentation, and it turned out everyone was a C# developer. This meant I was able to gloss over the new features in VB10 and talk more about new features in C# 4.0. Even glossing over the VB10 material, the presentation went over an hour, so I think I will need to streamline some of it to fit the Code Camp schedules.

One problem I had was the speed of the VPC. I will have to figure out how to improve performance with it. I will add some more RAM so I can devote resources to it. Page suggested running the image off of a USB hard drive to prevent thrashing. I'll give both of those a shot to see what I can squeeze out of it.

One attendee recommended that I spend more time explaining what a dynamic is. Although I try to avoid slides, I think I will need to add some because a good visual can make all the difference here. In particular, the attendee was concerned that others may be confused by the difference between the var and dynamic keywords. It never occurred to me that this could be a problem.

I also need to fix the COM portion of the presentation. My excel application never popped up. I'll fix up the code and slap it into a snippet.

I'll be doing the same presentation today in Columbia, SC. Come out if you can make it!

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