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I never seem to have the time to enter coding competitions. It’s a shame, because they look like a lot of fun! I do usually bookmark these contests just in case I find myself with a free weekend, and I want to share those with the community. It may mean more competition in case I do enter, but it also means more cool community applications that I get to play with. For example, Twtri is great for updating Twitter or Facebook with your flight status, and it won the grand prize in the new CloudApp() competition!

silverlightcompetitonthumbnailComponentArt is hosting the 2009 Summer Silverlight Coding Competition from June 22nd to September 22nd. The grand prize is $10,000 USD, and the authors of the top two runner-up apps each get a Component Art license. You must have designed the Silverlight 1, 2, or 3 application yourself, and use of ComponentArt products is not required.


willcodeforgreen Will Code For Green is sponsored by Bing and Gnomedex, and two grand prize winners will each receive $10,000 USD. The point of the contest is to design a web application or mashup that uses Bing services to help people in this bad global economy or to improve the ecology of our planet. Submission is open through August 12th. The winners will be announced at Gnomedex 2009.


ineta Win a trip to PDC 2009 with INETA Component Code Challenge. The goal of the competition is to mash together at least 2 components from 2 different approved vendors to create a .NET application. Then, you must create a 3-5 minute Camtasia video showing off your application and the components you used. Submissions must be received by August 25th, and winners will be announced on September 14th. The top 10 entries will receive prizes, but only the top 2 go to PDC.


dreambuildplay The deadline has passed to register for the Dream-Build-Play 2009 Challenge, but you can still enjoy the entries as they come in by visiting the gallery. What is Dream-Build-Play? Well, it’s a competition to create an XNA game. It also has the largest payouts of all the contests I’ve come across: $40,000 grand prize, $20,000 first prize, $10,000 second prize, and $5,000 third prize. Not only that, but the winning teams have an opportunity to potentially receive an Xbox LIVE Arcade Publishing Contract. If you were lucky enough to register in time, you have until August 6th to submit your entry.


I only support contests that I feel contribute back to the community, but I sometimes come across a contest that seems interesting, only to read the fine print and discover they claim sole rights to the application you enter. An example of this is the “Super Sexy” Mortgage Calculator Contest. I’m not sure how a mortgage calculator can be thought of as “sexy,” but it nevertheless seemed interesting to me. I tried to read their terms and conditions only to discover they linked to the terms and conditions of a mortgage rather than a contest. However, next to the link was the text, “Mortgage Loan Place will retain sole right to ownership of all submissions.” Dirty stuff.

I’m sure I missed a few contests out there. If you know of any, be sure to leave a comment.

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Hey, Brandon from Mortgage Loan Place here. I reread that condition and agree it's pretty need for us to own any submission other than the winning one.

So, it now reads, "Mortgage Loan Place will retain sole right to ownership of the winning submission only."

That way, any programmer can invest time and if they don't win they will at least have a calculator to use/sell/or whatever else.

Seem more fair? Thanks for pointing this out!
Left by Brandon on Jul 13, 2009 2:46 PM

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