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Reorder Your Accounts in Thunderbird

Ever wanted to re-order your Thunderbird accounts?


You can either modify the prefs.js manually

1. Exit Thunderbird if its running.

2. Locate your prefs.js file (default location is c:\users\[your account]AppData\Thunderbird\Profiles

3. create a backup , just in case.

4. Open the prefs.js in any text editor and look for: user_pref("mail.accountmanager.accounts", "account1,account2,account3,account4…"); line

5. Change the order of the accounts manually

6. Restart Thunderbird



1. Download and install the FolderPane add-on.

2. From Thunderbird, select Tools->Add ons –> Folderpane and reorder the accounts using the “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons.

3. Close and restart Thunderbird.


The choice is yours.

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# re: Reorder Your Accounts in Thunderbird

7/29/2012 5:57 PM | WES

# re: Reorder Your Accounts in Thunderbird

thanks for this link. That extension helped out a lot. Changing the "default" account was required for me to organise my accounts the way I wanted to.
9/12/2012 11:04 PM | felipe1982

# re: Reorder Your Accounts in Thunderbird

to expand on felipe1982's comment: You also need to change "mail.accountmanager.defaultaccount" if you want to change the account that appears first. NOTE: you can change these settings in the `config editor` (Edit->Preferences then Advanced tab, General sub-tab, `Config Editor...` button), but you need to restart Thunderbird for the changes to be visible.
4/4/2013 8:00 PM | Ian

# re: Reorder Your Accounts in Thunderbird

This can also be accessed via Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> General -> Config Editor (button), but still requires Thunderbird be restarted to take effect.
8/7/2013 2:20 PM | Sammitch

# re: Reorder Your Accounts in Thunderbird

editing prefs.js didn't work
7/10/2014 4:58 PM | Babak

# re: Reorder Your Accounts in Thunderbird

It is not quite as straight forward as it appears above, if you have had other accounts setup before or deleted (removed), the order is not apparent at first glance and they don't match the view.
I had account2,account3, account8 but account 2 points to local folders where local folders appear as the lowest folders.
account8 was the one I needed to be first. But initially I put account 3 first which didn't make any difference at all. Hence my first message.
Then I checked the matching servers and set account8 first but then local folders appeared in the middle until I swapped 2 & 3 again so that local folders went back to the lowest position.
So it was not as simple as it is presented here but overall it works.
7/10/2014 5:19 PM | Babak

# re: Reorder Your Accounts in Thunderbird

add on no workie in thunderbird 31
11/28/2014 4:35 PM | Beren

# re: Reorder Your Accounts in Thunderbird

Well done. It really worked!!!
8/3/2015 11:55 AM | Bennett

# re: Reorder Your Accounts in Thunderbird

I know this is and old post, but I would like to add my recent experience: I recall having to do the manual sorting long time ago, After reading this post I tried the Folder Pane Addon and I had an error trying to setup the options. I tried a second addon named "Manually Sort Folders" and It did what I was expecting

The Manually Sort Folders extension adds the ability to change the order of the folders for each account in the folders pane. It also has a tab allowing sorting the accounts. The account you set as the default account will be listed first in the folders pane.
6/30/2016 2:53 PM | Del Angel
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