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On a project that I completed in 2008, we had to make use of the WSE 2.0 adapter for BizTalk 2004 when calling a third party web service.

This worked fine in both the Development and Test environments (both virtual servers) but when we moved to Pseudo-Live (physical server), we encountered problems with the requests we were sending out through the WSE Adapter. 

Looking on the BizTalk server there were no entries in the event log, and in HAT I saw that the messages in question were Active but in the "delivered, not consumed state".

Searching the web for help on this I came across a post from Scott Colestock in relation to a similar problem with the MSMQ Adapter.

This post talks about a problem where he had 10 receive ports and and a single send port and no messages going through the MSMQ send port.  In my case I was able to get this situation with a single orchestration sending a single request to the WSE send port.

Eventually I decided to try the changes detailed by Scott, and this did in fact solve the problem (the details given below are taken from Scott's blog):

  • Open the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
  • Under BTSSvc{some GUID}, create a key called 'CLR Hosting'. (Note that there will be a BTSSvc3.0 entry present...but you must add the key under a BTSSvc{some GUID} key, where the GUID corresponds to the host you are dealing with, as shown by the DisplayName value.). Example: BTSSvc{DDEF238B-2D21-4B1E-8845-C6C67C6A86C0}.
  • Under the "CLR Hosting" key (which you will create), create the following DWORD entries with the following values:
    • MaxIOThreads – 75 (actual # tbd)
    • MaxWorkerThreads – 75 (actual # tbd)
    • MinIOThreads – 55 (actual # tbd)
    • MinWorkerThreads – 55 (actual # tbd)
  • Restart the BizTalk host service.

It appeared that we were somehow getting thread pool starvation, even though we were only putting a single message through the WSE Adapter, and in fact were the only ones using this BizTalk 2004 server at the time!

Liasing with Microsoft Support didn't help very much either; they were able to confirm that there were not enough worker threads available, and agreed with the way we resolved it, but they were not able to explain why we ran out of threads with a single WSE request or why this only surfaced in the Pseudo-Live environment.  If you have any thoughts on this let me know!

Hopefully re-posting Scott's original findings, but against a different issue will help someone else out there to consider this option if faced with a similar problem.

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