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Reusing WCF Proxy to reduce Memory Usage
I am working on a program that uploads BLOB from DB to a Document Management System. I have a WCF service to interact with the DMS. I have a multi-threaded client program that uploads the BLOBs to DMS and every thread used to create and dispose a proxy instance for every record to update. When I have a large no of records to convert, I found that the tool’s memory foot print keeps increasing. After a little debugging I found that the WCF proxies are the culprits for excessive memory usage. I changed ......

Posted On Tuesday, April 20, 2010 8:38 AM

Entity Framework & Transactions
There are many instances we might have to use transactions to maintain data consistency. With Entity Framework, it is a little different conceptually. Case 1 – Transaction b/w multiple SaveChanges(): here if you just use a transaction scope, then Entity Framework (EF) will use distributed transactions instead of local transactions. The reason is that, EF closes and opens the connection when ever required only, which means, it used 2 different connections for different SaveChanges() calls. To resolve ......

Posted On Sunday, April 11, 2010 9:57 AM

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