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I am currently reading CLR via C# ISBN 978-0-7356-2704-8. Whilst quite correctly described by the publisher as a "Deep Dive", this is a book that C# developers with 6-18 months plus experiance ought to read. Certainly any serious Microsoft programming shop ought to have a copy.  For our VB.NET bretheren, a book of this quality is a good excuse to learn C#. (And before you ask, my favourite language of C# and VB.NET is the one that gets me the next contract!)

When I started programming 31 years ago I went through IBM 360 Orientation - this gave me an comprehension of what worked best at the machine code level - this is the first book I have found that explains the the working of the Dot Net framework to explain why particular choices are good,

This is my first blog post here. In the coming weeks, I intend to:

  • Carry on with my review of CLR via C# and bring out practical points from that work.
  • Post details of useful utilities
  • Post some "Tales from the coal face.."
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