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A new beta of GhostDoc v4 is available at

The updated license key is at

Here are some of the excellent features of GhostDoc v4

"Version 4 is a major milestone for us with great new features and rewrites that we have done over the last year. Here are the most significant additions to the GhostDoc feature set:
  • Visual Studio 2012 support
  • (Pro) Source code Spell Checker
  • C/C++ language support
  • XML Comment Preview
  • StyleCop Compliance – comments generated by GhostDoc are now pass StyleCop validation
  • Exception Documentation - exceptions raised within a method are documented in the XML Comment
  • (Pro) File Header menu and template
  • (Pro) Visual Studio toolbar with commands for documenting, comment preview and spell-checking
  • (Pro) Options -> Global Properties - allows to reference custom configured user properties within T4 templates (CodeIt.Right users will find this very familiar)
  • (Pro) IntelliSense in the T4 template editor
  • Version update notification – you won’t miss new version release ever again!"
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