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Releasing Email File Attachment Resources (System.Net.Mail)

Lesson learned about releasing attachment resources with System.Net.Mail.

GridView from LINQ to Objects

A technique for displaying results from LINQ to an ASP.NET GridView.

Ambiguous Symbol -- Compiler Error C2872

How I solved the Ambiguous Symbol -- Compiler Error C2872 problem in C++ (dot net).

ResponseStatusLine protocol violation

This is an example of how to get around the ResponseStatusLine protocol violation in multiple .NET languages and in the app.config file.

Playing with Enumerable.Range (System.Linq)

Here's an example of something fun and useful with Enumerable.Range in four different languages.

Calling An ASMX Web Service From Different Languages

Here are some examples of calling a particular ASMX Web Service from different languages.

Cross-language Extension Method Calling

In my last post, I showed how Extension methods can be created in the .NET 2.0 environment. In this post, I discuss calling the extensions from other dot net languages.

Extension Methods in Dot Net 2.0

Here is a short, simple method of harnessing Extension methods in Dot Net 2.0. Please read the linked article first.

Linq Distinct and Custom Object Sort

I've seen a lot of posts of people having problems using Distinct() and/or Sort() with custom objects. Here is an example showing an implementation of both (in C++, C# and VB). This post includes custom Compare methods, the implementation of Distinct() and the use of List.ForEach in the 3 main dot net languages.

Utility that uses the CUserDomainSid class

Here is a utility that can be used to correct inadvertently restricted items in the Windows system registry.

Using System.Management to get the User, Domain and SID

I have seen a few examples of VBS scripts used to get the User ID, Domain and SID of the current user. This information is valuable when making registry modifications for the current user programatically. I needed a way to retrieve that information in a .NET module to include in other .NET programs.

Web Services Call including the XML and Linq namespaces

This (console app) example calls to two different web services. One of which returns raw XML as the result and the other returns a regular (pre-parsed) object. This can be used as a reference for XML and SOAP and a minor LINQ reference.

Linq to XML Example (Parsing RSS XML)

A utility for demonstrating Linq to XML that downloads MP3 Podcasts of DotNetRocks.

CInternetSession Debug Assertion Failed (Fixed)

Here is a technique to clear the Debug Assertion Failure when invoking the CInternetSession (MFC class) from a console app.

GZipLib (playing with GZipStream)

A technique for using the GZipLib (.NET)

Killing C++ (dot net)?

C++ does not seem to be getting much love in the new .NET.

Impressed by Java

Experimenting with Java and JAR files.

Heroes Happen Here

Here's my report on my experience at "Heroes Happen Here".

Holy Mother of PERL!!!

Here's a posting about some seriously obfuscated Perl code.

MFC, IOStream and CLR in the same app

Here's an experiment with some mixed language programming (.NET and MFC).

DOT NET (I think I get it!)

Finally stepping into the .NET world.