March 2010 Entries
Raleigh, NC Most Wired City in U.S.

Wooo hoo!!! We’re #1! We’re 1!! Ok, I’m not Canadian so I’m not talking about hockey. What I am talking about is the latest article from Forbes magazine putting my town, Raleigh, NC, on top of it’s most broadband connected cities in the U.S.!

Taken from the article:

Raleigh's win means it ranks higher overall than any other U.S. city in three measures: broadband penetration, broadband access and plentiful wi-fi hot spots. Taken together, the factors point to a populace that readily uses high-speed Internet inside and outside the home.

I’ll agree with that. Nearly everyone I know has broadband Internet access around here and I hardly ever have a problem finding wi-fi access around town. From coffee shops, to retail stores, to sandwich shops, to bookstores, to, well just about everywhere around here you’ll find wi-fi access.

Raleigh is a great place to live and I’d like to invite everyone to move here, but I won’t. Too many people have already found my little corner of paradise and I don’t need anymore of you getting in my way on the roads. :-)

Have a day.

Posted On Wednesday, March 3, 2010 11:55 PM | Comments (1)