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Tarun Arora - Visual Studio ALM MVP ALM, Agile, Automation, Performance Testing, Software QA, Cloud, ... April 2013 Entries
Book Review-Instant Team Foundation Server 2012 and Project Server 2010 Integration How-to
Last week I was tasked with setting up Integration between Team Foundation Server 2012 and Project Server 2010. Being new to project server I started searching around for guidance online, I came across the book ‘Instant Team Foundation Server 2012 and Project Server 2010 Integration How-to’ by Gary P. Gauvin. The book has 60 pages of guidance you can instantly apply to plan, set up, and configure Team Foundation Server Extensions for Project Server. Step-by-step instructions are also provided with ......

Posted On Saturday, April 13, 2013 1:15 PM

TFS Service - Configure Source and Symbol Server Settings
I don’t think I need to call out the importance of Indexing Source Symbols, in case you need a reminder read the benefits of symbols here. Recently I wrote a blog post on the Microsoft ALM blog describing the improvements made to the Visual Studio debugger, this also improves the overall user debugging experience. TFS Service doesn’t index the source symbols, of course if you think this would be a cool feature, please vote for this feature request here. TFS Service build engine however, gives you ......

Posted On Sunday, April 7, 2013 3:23 PM

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