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One of the downsides to Azure is that it’s error messages need a LOT of work. I just installed the July CTP of Azure. After doing so, even the simplest cloud project would fail. I’m talking “Create New Project” then F5… wait 30 seconds… bomb.

I kept getting the ubiquitous “Role instances did not start within the time allowed. Please try again. If you continue to encounter this behavior please try shutting down the Development Fabric." message. Nice and descriptive.

Digging into the problem, it looked like everything spun up just fine. Then Azure pondered the situation, decided it was unhappy, and departed for clouds unknown.

I’m usually impressively fast with Google/Bing. Turns out nothing useful came up. This error seems to be the one that gets thrown whenever anything goes in the least bit wrong. Finally, I posted a message on the Microsoft forums. Yi-Lun Luo to the rescue!

He was able to point me at the trick of spinning things up, and in the 30 seconds before everything came crashing down, try to hit (the default location for Azure web roles).

Turns out (drum roll please) that I had made the mistake of installing the Oracle web tools when I installed the Oracle Developer Tools. This inserted some crazy health monitoring stuff into machine.config.

Line 172:    <healthMonitoring>
Line 173:      <providers>
Line 174:        <add name="OracleWebEventProvider" type="Oracle.Web.Management.OracleWebEventProvider, et cetera” />
Line 175:      </providers>
Line 176:    </healthMonitoring>

Once I nuked that out, everything started working again. Full details can be found here, if you want them.

Just figured I’d leave this little bread crumb out there for the next adventurous soul who finds themselves lost in the clouds…

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