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Back in 2009 I was tasked with automating database dictionaries and schemas outputs for the CI (Continuous Integration) Server called Hudson ( which is probably now owned by Oracle and will become a name like Jenkins, but I digress.  CruiseControl and CruiseControl.NET for Windows is another popular free CI,  both of which are superior to the lightweight CI of TFS ).

I setup ANT scripts with regular expressions that would get called nightly to rebuild the creation of html and image files with the schemaspy engine and the graphviz engine to have a living and breathing automated up to date schema.  These pages were extremely important to existing developers and especially to new hires and contractors.  All the tables columns and their key mapping drawn out was incredible.  

I have personally used SchemaSpy at several companies to better grasp the databases I was dealing with.  I would use it with both SQL Server and Oracle.

I sometimes would put the code in a batch file like this:
@echo on
bin\java -jar SchemaSpy_4.1.1.jar -t mssql-jtds -host -port 1433 -db D_STM_BSSF -sso -s dbo -dp
jtds-1.2.5.jar -o documentation

SchemaSpy has few dependencies

Java is one, another is Graphviz

C:\>java -jar SchemaSpy_4.1.1.jar -t mssql05-jtds -host localhost -port 1433 -db pmcwebtool_prod -u myusername -p mypassword -s dbo -o documentationfolder

 java -jar schemaSpy.jar -t orathin -u username -p password -o schemaspy-output -cp path-to-ojdbc14.jar -db sid -host localhost -port 1521 -s schema-name

I found the problem. thanks for your help. I have to use the orathin instead of ora. It works now!!..

java -jar schemaSpy_4.1.1.jar -dp "C:\SchemaSpy\ojdbc14.jar" -t orathin -db FOOBAR -host foo-orc1-1 -port 1521 -u foo -p foo -o "C:\SchemaSpy" -hq 

Oracle  sql  schemaspy
In a  batch file
cmd.exe /K java -jar SchemaSpy_4.1.1.jar -t orathin -host scctest1 -port 10201 -db TEST1 -u ecommerce -p ec0mtest -s ECOMMERCE -dp D:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\server\jdbc\lib\ojdbc14.jar -o documentation
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New version of SchemaSpy 6.0 you can find on

If you would like to see what can look your database documentation go to Sample Output section
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