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Part 1 - Intro


  1. What is Software + Services
  2. Azure Services Platform
  3. Live Mesh

1. What is Software + Services

Over the past decade, the world we live in has been transformed by the Web. More and more people gain Internet access, services become more accessible  and the experience is improving. There are a lot of advantages of using Internet services:

  • Low hardware requirements: services use the resources provided by the vendor and not the local ones. We only need devices capable of displaying the information that the service is sending. Most of the time no processing is done locally.
  • Device independence: a service can be accessed from any device connected the Internet. It does not require special privileges on the local machine and no installation is required.
  • No maintenance: services are maintained and updated by the service provider, the client must do nothing to configure it. The service is an out of the box solution.
  • Flexibility: we can change the service provider whenever we want. This capability creates new opportunities for businesses that can dynamically swap services and choose the one that matches their needs.
However there are still some limitations [...] Read the rest of the article >> Posted on Sunday, April 26, 2009 2:01 PM Architecture , Azure , Microsoft | Back to top

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