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On January 3, embarks the new start for 24 individuals. When I started with Kronos we all were escorted to the office and quickly noticed the graffiti wall. This particular wall demonstrates a unique picture of the corporation in a timeline, which I thought was a cool concept. I also liked how all the employees desk are open because the practice managers stressed that they wanted to enforce more of a team environment. I quickly noticed that all the practice manager had great experience, leadership, and were open to any questions from the new hires.


We also had the chance of meeting the mayor of Indianapolis, governor of Indiana, and Chris Todd, of Kronos. It was really cool to meet Chris Todd and to pick his brain for a bit. He really seemed like a great leader and had a great vision for the new Indianapolis Technology Center.


Overall, I realize that this experience was comforting and NOT overwhelming. I feel comfortable with all the personnel with the organization. I am excited for this great opportunity and longing relationship with this great company.



Created By: Zach Scott

Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 1:40 PM | Back to top

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