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APPSENCE – Unattended installation of AppSense Desktop Now

What is AppSense? Espacially what is AppSense for me? I can call myself a GPO fundamentalist. And in my opinion I can reach everything using Group Polices. However the role of the engineer it to know, not to believe. The role of the engineer is to be open for everything. So, next couple of months I will study AppSense way of user management. I will try to be objective, and focus of advantages in comparison to our good old GPO way. What are strong points of AppSense: Streaming user settings on-demand ......

XenDesktop 7.5 – quick reporting and documentation in Excel

Boring reporting, #$%^&* reporting. No one likes it, but communication with managers is the part of our lives whether we like it or not … There are many ways how we dill with it. Today I would like to demonstrate how to get easy DesktopDirector's data and put them into Microsoft Excel. Before we will do it, we need to download and install PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel 2010. It is an easy Next, Next installation. Once you are ready you can launch your Excel. Go to PowerPivot tab, new Excel window ......

XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 - connection leasing under the hood

Some time ago Citrix introduced XenDedexktop and XenApp version 7.6. One of key improvements, and the best one for me is the Connection Leasing. Lastly Citrix delivered any replacement for good old LHC (Local Host Cache). Since XD 7.0 to XenDasktop&XenApp 7.5 many admins refused to migrate into the most resent version due to lack of session sharing (all your apps within one ICA channel), session pre-launching ( 2000 users tries to logon at 9:00 AM J ) and lack of any database resilience mechanism. ......

How to install XenApp 7.5

Ha!Ha! XenApp is back! ... Not exactly ... For me XenApp that's IMA architecture, here we have XenDesktop's FMA. Is it better, that's very good question. For me it is just different. Of course I like Broker-Agent concept, but where's my QFARM command? Based of rumors, not confirmed so far by myself, sessions prelaunching, support for retired Citrix streaming and of course Web Interface is back. Let's check it. Hmm .. Looking into official documentation it is not so sweet, sessions prelaunching for ......

App-V 5.0 How to clean up Client cache

Another small and simple script

Import-Module appVclient
$packages = Get-AppvClientPackage
foreach ( $package in $packages)
Remove-AppvClientPackage -PackageId $package.PackageId -VersionId $package.VersionId

App-V 5.0 – How to install App-V client

Today's post will be very short and simple


XenDesktop 7 – The QFARM /LOAD case

For XenApp admin live without QFARM is like live without right hand. Of course you can obtain required information using the PowerShell, but XenDesktop 7's command line is too long to remember and type. Let's make some sweet alias. Add-PSSnapin citrix.*set-alias qfarm Qfarm-Loadfunction Qfarm-Load {Get-BrokerMachine -SessionSupport MultiSession -Property dnsName,loadIndex,SessionCo... Of course you'll need to update your personal ENV to start this alias automatically ......

XenApp 6.5 – How to create and set a Policy using PowerShell

Here is my homework Add-PSSnapin -name Citrix.Common.* -ErrorAction SilentlyContinueNew-Item LocalFarmGpo:\User\MyPolicycd LocalFarmGpo:\User\MyPolicy... .\MinimumEncryptionLevel State EnabledSet-ItemProperty .\MinimumEncryptionLevel Value Bits128cd LocalFarmGpo:\User\MyPolicy... -Name "All Servers" -Value "All Servers"Set-ItemProperty LocalFarmGpo:\User\MyPolicy -Name Priority -Value 2 So cute … ......

CMD – how to install apps from UNC path

There is a very old and useful command: pushd. Take a look how to use it.

pushd \\fileserver\AppShare\Installers\Software
change user /install
15186-AdbeRdr11000_en_US.exe /sPB /rs
"Firefox Setup 16.0.1.exe" -ms
change user /execute

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