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I would like to try and better explain the Visual WebGui 'empty client' approach and how Visual WebGui runs applications on the server.
Think of a bitmap based virtualization solution such as Citrix or Remote-desktop, even though highly optimized it is still transferring a picture; the client plays the minor part of showing a bitmap and replacing it when necessary.

Now, the natural evolving paradigm would be having the client “understand” better in terms of UI yet having the application perform the business logic and manage sensitive data on the server. Being able to utilize the client strength and at the same time leverage the accessibility to data and high security of the server.

The following article on the Visual WebGui Technology section explains the Visual WebGui Command Level Visrtualization ('Empty Client') approach that through a unique protocol of events and commands, virtualizes the application run from the server to the client.

Learn more about Visual WebGui Rich Internet Applications Platform's Command Level Virtualization

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