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Learn how CRMCompany created a solution from their existing Windows application based CRM that is available over the Web and answers the requirements of the customer. The article explains why Visual WebGui was chosen for this project.

The Roof Vault application includes a roof vault configuration tool in which a 2 dimensional drawing of the roof vault is displayed which can be manipulated by parameters. The Roof Vault is manufactured using this same drawing and parameters. This part was written in HTML/AJAX. All the other data entry-fields were done in Visual WebGui and the data should be binding to SQL Server through a business-slayer.

"Visual WebGui Rich Internet Applications Platform is a perfect solution for any developer with some WinForms knowledge not wanting or willing to write JavaScript/CSS/Ajax/XML/XSLT code. Developing Web-applications with conventional tools is much more time consuming than using Visual WebGui and I also liked the fact that we can write our own controls in the framework," said Ernstjan Freriks

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Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 2:26 AM | Back to top

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