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A Patch Theme that fixes some renedering issues for version 6.3.9 was released.

Fixes for these issues have already been implemented in the upcoming version 6.3.10 and will also be relased with that version.

The patch is a VWG v6.3 Theme. There is no installation required for using it.
All you need to do to use it is:

  1. Either add the project or the assembly to there references of your Visual WebGui Application project
  2. Register the Theme with the name "PatchTheme" and select it as the default theme, either by using the VWG VS integration, or by going to the Web.config of your application and adding the following XML element in the 'Themes section:
    <Theme Name="PatchTheme" Assembly="PatchTheme" />
  3. Change the Themes section opener to look like this:
    <Themes Selected="PatchTheme">

When VWG v6.3.10 is released with these fixes, you can simply remove the registration of this theme, set the Default theme as Selected and remove the reference to that theme from the VWG Application project.

You can get the patch theme from this location here.

Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2009 2:13 AM Ajax framework new releases , Web Development , Web Design , Open Source Community , Cloud computing | Back to top

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