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Brinks Bolivia eSAC System (Customer Service) allows to register all different kinds of contacts for a customer; addition to maintaining an updated status of each service or customer request, to have accurate information and perform the appropriate procedures for all applications.

The system was originally developed in VB6 and since web access was essential it was offered via Citrix. Since the application's performance was a critical issue as well as the need to offer the system without specific installations the company looked for a solution that would solve those drawbacks of using Citrix.

Searching for a solution that would allow it to offer the eSAC system over the web without the need for specific client installations and provide sufficient performance levels even when there is limited bandwidth lead Brinks to a decision to migrate their VB6 Customer Service system to Visual WebGui.

"Developing on Visual WebGui we were able to migrate the system to web environment and even add new features in less time which allows us to offer it over a standard web browser with better performance and no installations as was required with Citrix," concluded Alexander Cuellar.

The full article and screenshots of the system are available here.

Posted on Wednesday, June 16, 2010 11:13 PM Ajax framework new releases , Web Development , Open Source Community | Back to top

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