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Who: SaaS Web Apps – they use Software as a Service to create web applications that look and feel like desktop applications.

What: SaaS Web Apps needed to build a Sports Contract Management System (SCMS) for one of its customers, Premier Stinson Sports.

Why: The SCMS database is used for collecting, analyzing and recording college coach and athletic directors’ employment and contract data.

The Challenge: Premier Stinson Sports works with a number of partners, each with its own needs and unique requirements. For example, USA Today uses the system to provide cutting edge news analysis while The National Sports Law Institute of Marquette University Law School uses it to for the latest sports contract data and student analysis. In addition, the system needed to be secure due to the sensitivity of the data; it was essential that the user security and permissions be easily configurable.

As always, performance was a key factor, especially with the intense reporting and analytical capabilities for this project. Because of this, most of the processing had to be done on a dedicated server but the project called for the richness and responsiveness of a desktop application.

The Solution: To execute the project, SaaS Web Apps used APS.Net-based Visual WebGui from Gizmox, combined with SQL Server 2008 and SQL Reporting Services. This combination resulted in a quick deployment for SaaS Web Apps’ customers.

The Result: The completed project gave each partner the scalability and availability of a web application with the performance and security of a desktop application. As an example, USA Today pulls data from this database to give readers the latest sports stats – Salary analysis of 2010 Football Bowl Subdivision Coaches.

And here’s a screenshot of the database itself. Great work, SaaS Web Apps!

Visual WebGui based Sports Contract Management System

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