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Wes Weeks September 2005 Entries
It's your dollar!
"Don't you work?" a colleague of mine asked after seeing me leaning back in my chair with my hands behind my head for the umpteenth time. "I'm waiting on the debugger" was my response. And that is exactly what I was doing. Trying to debug an application with a machine whose hardware configuration was identical to the secretary who rarely does much more then fire up an instance of Word. This is not the only company I've worked for where I have found myself in this predicament. On the contrary, I've ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 28, 2005 5:28 AM

Agile Methodologies Still have requirements.
I find myself in yet another contract with a company that has recently switched to using an Agile methodology. I like Agile. I believe the methodologies that encompass Agile strongly support good software development, help minimize risk, and help to meet the needs of the customer quicker then a traditional waterfall approach. The problem I am finding is that many companies do not understand Agile enough to utilize it correctly. There is a tendency to take bits and pieces of it, run with them to an ......

Posted On Friday, September 9, 2005 12:23 PM

The Vista Perspective
Like all good computer geeks, I try to download and trial all of the latest and greatest versions of software as soon as it is made available by the great geek god MiSDeN (may his code always compile). Vista was no exception. At 2.4 GB, even over a broadband connection the download took several hours. Finally got the ISO, burned to a DVD and installed on a separate partition (of course). After I finally got it up and running, started to play around with it. My goal was to put all of my beta’s ......

Posted On Thursday, September 8, 2005 4:53 AM

My First Post
Due to my psychological need to conform and do the same things as everyone else, I now officially have a blog and will attempt to post things to it on occasion.  I'm sure all posts will prove intelligent, insightful and worthy of recognition by all.

Posted On Wednesday, September 7, 2005 11:23 AM

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