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You gotta love this work sometimes...

Spent the last few hours trying to get an ASP.Net web/silverlight project to compile.   Every project in the solution would build fine but the web project wouldn't .  The frustrating part is the compile was showing 0 Errors so I didn't know where to start.

In the past these kind of strange errors have been fixed by numberous methods and I tried them all:

  • Deleting everything from the bin and obj directories
  • Recreating the project
  • Recreating the solution
  • Deleting and re-adding all references
  • Deleting and readding the silverlight application
  • Rebooting the computer (the universal cure)

Nothing worked.  There were a few pages I found on a FWSE that mentioned similar issues but nothing that seemed relevant to my situation.  Started getting very frustrated.  My computer can kick my ass at chess, but I'm pretty sure I can take it in kickboxing and I was about to let it find out...

Then I remembered the MSBuild output window.  I wasn't displaying this (I don't think it displays by default anymore) and turned it on and then went into options in visual studio to deliver a detailed output.

There the problem was:   Task "RdlCompile" -- FAILED

The issue turned out to be an RDLC (reporting) file.  There were a lot of warnings coming from this report, something about overlapping fields, but nothing that gave any kind of indication that it would keep the app from compiling.  The warnings only indicated that there might be rending problems, so I wasn't concerned about them.  Guess I should have been.

Long story short, removed the offending report and the application compiled.

Hopefully I can save someone else out there some time and grief...

Posted on Wednesday, March 4, 2009 3:03 PM | Back to top

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