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News This blog is dedicated to discussing how to get both Microsoft's Windows operating system and the Linux operating system working together to YOUR advantage in today's increasingly media connected homes.
Charles Conway Why can't we all just get along??? Linux and Windows really CAN work together!!! August 2009 Entries
Week of Aug. 09 - 15
Unfortunately I'm not going to have much of a post for this week. I'll be in California over the weekend and will be starting a new job pretty soon so things have been a bit hectic. On the other hand I'm going to be trying to get things rolling by comparing Microsoft's Windows operating system to Linux in an effort to show the differences between the two operating systems, and their similarities. From there I want to talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages to only using one operating ......

Posted On Thursday, August 13, 2009 8:20 AM

Linux, Windows, and Commonality
Well, it has taken me a while to actually get a post up but I'm going to try to work towards a weekly major post which will deal with relevant common themes I found in articles or ran into at work with minor "comment" or "pointer" posts on a roughly daily basis which will reference other articles which I found particularly relevant to the subject of this blog, getting Windows and GNU/Linux working together. I'm also going to try to have a truly useful article dealing with making Windows and Linux ......

Posted On Thursday, August 6, 2009 5:33 AM

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