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Better Embedded 2013


On July 8th and 9th I had a chance to attend and speak at the Better Embedded 2013 conference in Florence.

Visiting Florence is always a pleasure, but having a chance to attend to such an interesting conference and to meet Marco Dal Pino, Paolo Patierno, Mirco Vanini and many other embedded developers made those two days an experience to be remembered.

I did two sessions, one on Windows Embedded Standard and “PCs” usage in the embedded world and another one on Android for Embedded devices, you can find the slides on the better embedded website:
You can also find slides for many other interesting session, ranging from the .NET microframework to Linux Embedded, from QT Quick to software licenses. Packing many different resources about embedded systems in a conference was not easy but the result is a very nice mix of contents ranging from firmware development to cloud-based systems. This is a great way to have an overview of what’s new or interesting in embedded systems and to get great ideas about how to build your new device.
Don’t forget to follow @Better_Embedded on twitter to not miss next year conference!

Thanks to the better embedded team for having allowed me to use some of the official pictures in this blog post. You can find a good selection of those pictures (just to experience the atmosphere of the conference) on its Facebook page:

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