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Tray on the Web The Ramblings of an IIS/SharePoint Admin, Music Lover, and Margarita Connoisseur
Not too long ago I decided to look into a quick and easy solution for our corporate web team to use for generating self signed SSL certs on our dev/test web apps.  I had a vague memory that there was something included in the IIS Resource Kit  that would do just that, so I decided to check out SelfSSL. 

SelfSSL is a command line based tool that is very straightforward and you can figure out everything you need to know from the included examples.  Initially it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.  That is until we started to implement this on more and more sites, and started to notice a disturbing trend.  I'd generate a cert for a new site, which would work, but in turn would break the SSL on an existing site.  After this happened for about the 10th time I finally got smart and decided to do some research on the issue.  Sure enough with a little help from something I like to call Google, I had found my answer in about 5 seconds. 

What I discovered is that there is a known bug in the version of SelfSSL included with the resouce kit which causes it to crash and burn if you try to use it on more than one site.  The good news is that I found THIS post on David Wang's blog which says the bug has been fixed in the updated SSL Diag 1.1 version. The bad news is Microsft knows about the bug, yet doesn't bother to fix it in the resource kit. Why keep a resource kit with known bugs available for download?  Come on MS, you're better than that! Posted on Monday, December 3, 2007 4:47 PM | Back to top

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