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Java is certainly a mainstream programming language which is an essential part of the most famous Android app development. It is the most popular programming language used for Android app development like Objective-C is used to develop an iOS app and .NET is used for developing a Windows desktop app.

Range of Possibilities to Build Business Mobile Apps:
The range of possibilities is so high that JavaScript programming language can lend to the mobile app developers so that they can create the most unique apps for their clients. However, it is the magical combo of the three languages- HTML, CSS and JavaScript that can help build dynamic and robust apps according to the requirements of the clients. 
With some creative ideas and making them come to life can help businesses build their unique identity in the digital marketplace. Thus, Java web development has gained a unique position in the digital space.

Top 6 Java Web Development frameworks for mobile apps:
With JavaScript going forward with very fast pace and it is not going to look back any soon in the future, so there is every reason why a developer should be well-versed with one or more of these 6 frameworks for Java development career. 
If a developer wants to make his career in Java Application development, it would be very useful for him to always keep updated about the latest frameworks in the market. It would help the Java developer to have an upper hand when it comes to hiring on the basis of the skills and the experience of using the latest and advanced frameworks of Java web development.

1.  AngularJS 2.0:   AngularJS 2.0 is the latest release in the market which was the most awaited one by the Java developers. AngularJS has always been the favorite of the developers because of the robustness and dynamism of the framework. A developer can create many types of apps as per required according to the business needs of the client when it comes to Android apps.
No doubt about the fact that the framework is quite popular these days and has boosted many apps already. One may feel tempted to use the latest version, however take advice from the professionals in Java development industry. It sure has the capability to build enterprise level apps.
2. ReactJS:   We could actually put this framework for Java application development on the topmost of the list of the top Java frameworks used by the mobile app developers. This is because it is maintained by the industry giant- Facebook and thus coomes along the trust and faith to use this framework. IT adds to the safety and security of the framework. 
It has a very simple JSX, a Virtual DOM as well as a  dynamic JavaScript library to complete the tasks of application development which saves a ton of time and gives a powerful IDE to the developer. Further to add to this, it has SEO-friendly features so one can build high traffic apps within a short period of time. 
3. Node.JS:  The I/O of Node.Js is very dynamic and terrific given that it is based on non-blocking as well as event-driven cases so that the environment to build a robust app remains  light like feather and can avoid weight issues.  
So, it proves its mettle in the times when data-intensive real-time apps are to run across an array of devices based on distribution.  that run across distributed devices. It is used by the developers in case a particular functionality is to be added to the app. It is amazing for the startup businesses as well as for those who want to expand.

4. Polymer.JS: Coming from the giant Google- we can’t doubt the power of Polymer at any level. However, on a sad note, developers are more comfortable working in the environment of React.JS framework. In the sight of this, we can still see it bloom as many new improvements are coming down the lane in Polymer.JS. High-quality material designs are the USP of Polymer.JS for sure.
Web components are a part of this JavaScript framework which lets the developers find an upper hand in this one rather than the React.JS. This is because it an HTML standard framework. It sees a long future which is a positive note.

5. Aurelia:   There is a one framework which is totally a newbie still  going good on the path of Java application development. OOP is the main objective of this framework. However, it uses ES2016 which lets the mobile app developers code in a much better way with OO techniques. 
The USP of this framework is definitely the lesser coding part which saves a ton of dev time. Angular 2 can be replaced by Aurelia though. There are many tutorials also if a developer is willing to learn about this framework.
6. Struts:  Out of the many JS frameworks available in the market right now, it is the Struts that has made to our list because of some amazing reasons. THe fundamental core is developed with this framework when it comes to high-end application development process. What does it constitutes of? Interfaces+classes combined together to solve the queries in the app development process which is based on the very famous model called MVC pattern. THe same as which is used by ASP. 
It also provides a robust architecture for internal organization. It helps in controlling as well as building the apps. It has a built-in support for I-18-N based on authentication.

There should be no thoughts about the fact that JavaScript is the forthcoming popular programming language. Blazing fast functionalities and the features that it lends to the mobile apps makes Java application development quite a desirable application development platform of all times to come. So, hire Java developer today and give your business the most needed boost straight away!
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