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Today’s world is an internet and mobile phones powered world. Now most of the businesses have online websites and a large number of people and customers access these websites not only from the desktops and laptops as they were doing sometime earlier but also through smartphones and mobile devices as they find them more easy and accessible now. Still there are still some business owners who think that they don’t require a website for their business. 

In this article, we are telling you about the list of reasons why small businesses also need Web Development Services and why they should also have a business website. No doubt they also want to compete with their competitors in the marketplace and also want to attract large number of customers to their site. If you have a small business and assume that most of your customers and clients are not tech savvy and they don’t use much of the internet then you are wrong. Now everything is accessible online and so many of your clients and customers are also online and trying to find more about your business online. Now customers don’t prefer to buy products and services of a business which doesn’t have a website as they want to do thorough research about the products and services by reading about them on the website before buying them. And if you don’t offer this information online then it is a big disappointment for them.
A recent report says that Americans spend more than 35 hours online every month. The report further says that about 81% of adults in the United States have smartphones which they use about 1 hour and 39 minutes on average daily. This trend is not just limited to United States but this is a global trend. All of this means that if you have a business website then there would be lots of people which could be visiting and interacting with your small business website regularly. I know you have a passion for your business and you want it to grow. You also want to help the people and customers around the world by offering some services and products which they can use and I know you believe that your customer’s success is your success.  

By going for Custom Web Development and getting online website actually you can get more out of your business and you can serve and help more people. This means you are accessible anytime and from anywhere. Hence you must now understand that having a business website is not only recommended but it is actually a necessity now a days. If you don’t have it then you are losing revenue and reputation.

If you operate small business and are still not convinced about the importance of having a website then read on as we will be discussing about the top reasons why your business should have an online presence through a business website in today’s high paced world.

  • A Website Builds Your Business Credibility : A recent study says that about 84% of online users believe that small businesses which have their own websites are more credible than the ones which don’t have any online presence or website. Another study says that about 65% of customers or online users consider a company’s branded email to be more credible than a generic email account such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook. Hence to remain relevant and credible, small businesses should invest in a small business website. Just think of the situation if all of your competitors have websites and you business doesn’t, who do you think will look more credible? The answer is obvious. When you will put all the information regarding your company and its products on your professionally designed website, you will close sales deals more easily. Some years ago it was important that your business had a real physical address. Today it is important, that you have a website. If your business doesn’t have a website then it can look suspicious to your potential customers which you will never want to.

  • A Website is Always Accessible and Your Business is Never Closed: By taking services of a Web Development Company you are making sure that your business is always open. Unlike a bricks and mortar business which only opens for few hours in a day, a website is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hence you can provide both your regular and potential customers the convenience of reviewing and reading about your products and services even when your store or office is closed. Your website has many interactive features and add-ons available using which the visitors to your website can contact you, sign up for you services, schedule appointments and can even purchase products directly through your website even when you are away from your desk or after your office closing time. In today’s busy lifestyles, a website can be a great platform to help your customers to make a purchase decision and to enhance your sales.

  • Through Website You Can Sell Your Product and Services :   A website acts like a place where your product and services are listed like a catalog or brochure. If you want to change the prices or description of your product, you can change it easily on website and your customer will see the new changes instantly. Using SEO strategy, content marketing and social media exposure, you can increase number of visitors on your site. Now a days digital marketing generates better results for the business website and it is also easy and cost effective as compared to the other physical form of marketing. A website evolves as per the market trends and is very flexible for changes in the market. Hence on a website you can sell whatever you want to and can update the information anytime.

  • You Can Expand Your Business Globally: By going for website development and getting a business website ready you can reach a bigger market and expand your business globally. Your product and services will get greater exposure through the website and so many potential clients will come to know about your business and its offerings. If your products and services are available online globally and if you put the right strategies behind your business website then sky is the limit for your business growth.

  • A Website Offers Your Business Discoverability:  Nowadays 9 out of 10 consumers rely on the internet to locate and evaluate local products and services. Hence the people who have developed their business websites, benefit from a clear advantage when considering discoverability. Still there are many businesses which do not have websites but a recent survey revealed that about 83% of the surveyed businesses that do have websites said that their online platforms or websites gave them a clear competitive advantage over businesses which don’t have websites. About 3.5 billion Google searching occurring each day, your customers could be just a click away from locating and accepting your small business. Business websites allow your potential customers to access your business and get to know about your products and services round the clock.

  • Your Potential Clients are Online and Expect You Also to Be Online: Yes. That’s true. So many of the people are online now and that doesn’t mean that only the younger generation is using the internet. Actually almost 75% of the world’s population has access to the internet nowadays. Whether your business is small or big, you should be online, and easily reachable by the people who may buy some products or services from you. So many people now do online research to buy anything and if you are not online then you will simply be left outside. As per a research, about 80% of people in the age between 18-54 say that they are more likely to contact a business if the business has a website. Hence if you don’t have website then you could be missing many clients which are looking for your product or services and without website they are unable to find you.

  • Your Business Website is the First Step For Marketing Planning: Nowadays whatever the businesses are doing today, they update their websites immediately. That means the first step in marketing is to have a business website in place. This also means that before you have your brochures or business cards printed, all of the information which is useful and helpful to your clients are updated on your website live and only after that you do the rest of the things. Each of your marketing campaign targets to get visits on your website landing page hence whatever is propagated through flyer, videos or brochures, the purpose is to advertise about your website landing page for more information. Whether it is physical marketing through print material or digital marketing, the clients are motivated to visit your site for more information. After visiting your website and getting the required information, these clients can convert into real customers which is what you intend to do.

  • You Can Provide Excellent Customer Support: A website is a best way to provide value added services to your customers and also a great way to provide them a platform where they can keep coming back if they need your product or services. Whatever products you sell, you can share tips to your customers about how to use or care for the products they have purchased from your business website. You can improve on how you help your clients. You can also have an online chat, so clients that are on your website can talk to you whenever they need to. Additionally you can also provide a FAQ page to help your clients to sort out the general issues themselves easily by reading the FAQ questions and answers. You can even have a newsletter to answer all your customer’s questions and you can keep them informed and updated. Hence by providing customer support and services through your website, you can save lots of your and your customer’s time and money.

  • A website Enables You to Collect Important Data About Visitors and Generate New Leads: Your website can collect some important data for you like what pages your visitors are visiting most, what country or region are they from, which products they like and buy most, at what time of the day they visit your website most and so on. Analysis of this data can give you valuable results. Also you can collect and analyze emails received which will help you to get new subscribers and potential clients. If you want a visitor to subscribe, you can offer some value like an ebook, a discount, free advice or by filling a feedback form. You can also came to know from where your visitors are coming from like from Adwords or from search engine or from some other link or source. The collected data can give you a better insight about your audience and you can make better decisions about your marketing and sales which will ultimately bring more leads and clients to your business.

We have just discussed some of the top reasons why small businesses need to have a website. I hope these reasons will give you enough food for thoughts and you can quickly come up with the decision to build your business website more convincingly. Also it is not enough to have any type of website. Rather it should be a professional website having excellent design and navigation and should be easy to use and browse. Actually your website should reflect your brand and values. You can tell about your business story and provide the visitors excellent experience and provide them enough opportunity so that they can come to know that you are the best company offering these products or services. Your website should have all the information about your company, product and services and should also be a channel from where you can provide excellent customer services to your clients. As your business website is central to your digital and physical marketing strategy hence it should be designed by keeping these strategies in mind. If you keep these things in mind then no one can stop your from achieving tremendous success through your business website. 

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