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WordPress was launched in 2003 and ever since then it has been growing in its popularity of being the most preferred CMS to build amazing websites. It has been accepted by not only small startups but also by big multinational enterprises to build their websites. About 65 million websites and blogs have been created using WordPress so far and big companies like TechCrunch and CNN are also using it. Therefore, WordPress is the number one choice for most of the businesses and developers around the world. The WordPress platform comes with lots of benefits like free of cost, having huge developers’ community, plenty of themes, layouts and plugins among other.
While earlier people used to hire WordPress developer and choose WordPress CMS mostly to build blogging websites but WordPress has evolved a lot over time and right now any kind of website can be build using WordPress including Ecommerce websites and social networking websites. Every website whether big or small requires a good CMS. There are many platforms out there in the market which you could use but WordPress ranks number one for website design. Reports say that more than 30% of all the websites on internet have been built using WordPress alone and this figure is increasing day by day. So, why WordPress is so much popular to build any kind of websites? Below are some of the top reasons that are responsible for such a spectacular rise in the popularity of WordPress: -

WordPress is an Open Source CMS and Free to Use:
WordPress CMS is open source. That means WordPress’s building code is free and can be accessed by all of the users. Hence you can easily download and alter the WordPress code whenever you need it. Hence you can customize WordPress to work exactly as you want it to be as per your specific business needs.
Also, using WordPress is absolutely free of cost, you don’t have to pay any license fees to anyone to use the WordPress and even you don’t need to hire WordPress Expert initially to build the website. You just need a web host and a domain name to run WordPress and launch your website. Hence building a new website using WordPress is highly cost-effective.

WordPress is Easy to Setup, Manage and Update:

Most of the developers and users love WordPress because it is highly user-friendly and anyone from beginner to expert in creating websites can download and use WordPress easily. Hence you just need an internet connection and a web browser to create a website in minutes. For this the developer or user has to visit, signup for a free account, and follow the simple steps to create his own website.

WordPress Has thousands of Themes to Choose From:
WordPress offers thousands of themes and layouts for you to choose from and most of them are free to use or you have to pay just a small fee to use them. Hence you can easily find a theme or layout which best fits into your requirements of the website. In the beginning you even don’t need to hire a professional web designer as you can do it yourself without coding skills. Another good thing is that these themes are highly customizable hence you can create your custom website using these themes.

WordPress has Thousands of Plugins to Add Many Business Features:
WordPress is highly beneficial for small as well as large businesses. They can build a highly functional website using WordPress as it has thousands of plugins which they can install to their WordPress site to add as many business features as required. Good thing is that most of these WordPress plugins are free to use hence you won’t need to spend a lot for increasing the features and functionalities of your WordPress website.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly:
The main purpose of any website is to rank higher on search engines so that more number of customers reach this website and buy its products or services. WordPress is designed to be SEO friendly and you can download WordPress to enhance this function further and improve your website optimization. By using WordPress, by default your website becomes very attractive to search engines. This is because, this platform is written using simple and high standard clean codes. Thus, it has the ability to produce semantic markups. This responsive and highly logical design make search engines prefer WordPress websites. This platform gives each page and posts unique Meta tag keywords thus allowing for more precise search optimization. There are many SEO plugins also which you can install to increase the SEO friendliness of your WordPress website.

WordPress is Mobile Responsive:
Another important reason to choose WordPress to build your website is that WordPress is mobile responsive and mobile friendly by default. Hence your WordPress website will work well and fine on all types, kinds and sizes of devices. This will also make your website rank higher on search engines. As your website will be mobile friendly and fast-loading hence people would visit your website more and stay longer which will propel your website ranking on search engines as these are the factors which Google and other search engines consider while calculating the rank of the websites.

Huge WordPress Community:
WordPress is over a decade old and still evolving. Therefore, WordPress has built a strong WordPress community around the world which often interacts with each other through internet to share some WordPress updates, features or even to help each other in resolving various issues. This WordPress community has millions of members which are WordPress developers or users. Hence if you build your website using WordPress and if you face any issue then this online community can help you as you can easily reach them through various WordPress forums, groups on internet. You can even learn so many things by just reading their posts on forums or by interacting with them.


WordPress is the number one CMS right now and most of the developers and businesses prefer it over others to build any kind of website. We have just discussed some of the important reasons why everyone prefers WordPress to build their websites. WordPress is also very easy not only to build a website but also to manage it in future and to update its content regularly. Hence if you want to build a successful website for your business then choose WordPress CMS and get so many features and benefits straightaway.
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