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After almost four and half years, I finally escaped from the world of telemarketing.  
I'm now at a place that writes really good code, values testing, does routine code reviews, collaborates with each other so continuously and effectively somebody should make a documentary about it!
Today alone, I had two really smart and well respected developers go line by line through my code and show me how to make it better.  Seriously, people pay really good money for something like this and they don't get near the quality of feedback as I got!  
+1 for me finally getting to a point in my career where i get to work with some of the best of the best in the software world!
I've been rocked by the fact that places like this actually exist.  
I've been Rocked by the sheer size, complexity and simplicity of our website.  
Most importantly I've been ROCKED by the fact that this many smart people check their egos at the door, gel together and look for ways to make software better than how they found it.  This is how to grow a business with tech... hire great people and watch them go!
Seriously, bravo.

Posted on Wednesday, December 22, 2010 7:25 PM | Back to top

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