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As anyone will know who has followed my various blogs last June I shifted from Sky to BT Vision and all has been well!

I moved for a number of reasons:

  • Cost - £40 is just too much
  • Content - what was I watching: well it wasn't on Satellite only
  • Picture Quaintly - one of the main issues (Sky told me to upgrade to HD!!!) in fact it is caused by a large tree just off my drive that has a preservation order on it! Sky guys took 4 visits to work this one out. Solution - move to HD and double the size of the dish (only £400).

So we (I) made the choice and cancelled (story in its own right!!) and sold off the kit.

Now to the meat of the blog: I had a repair insurance with Satellite Direct UK of Arundel ( So emailed them to cancel, phoned them to confirm after no reply. Was informed no rebate like real insurance copies give but all was cancelled. Waited for letter, never came and of course forgot all about it!

April 2008 credit card statement arrived with a new entry - Satellite Direct UK - and to add insult to injury for more money than the previous time. So I phoned them up and asked why. You know what's never cancelled!

Now to the really nice bit - they should have advised me of the increase, but didn't, of course they said the sent me a letter so I must have known, but they didn't - when I asked the customer services bod for the date of the letter he explained it wasn't policy to send them!!

Because I didn't know I was about to be charged I missed the chance to cancel (a second time). Phoned a number of times but no joy not even a 50% refund. And today received a letter telling me my equipment will be covered for another 12 months even though they know I don't have any equipment!!!

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