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One of the powerful things that has come into Visual Studio over the last few years has been joy of extensions. With 2010 there seems to be even more!!

Of course teaching old dogs like myself new tricks always takes time but interestingly enough some of the rules I learnt early in my working life over 30 years ago still hold true!!

A derivation of one that was knocked into during my engineering apprenticeship and associated exams was RTFQ! Read the ‘flippin’ question. (I replaced the original ‘F’ with a more palatable version here!). Today I forgot that rule and didn’t RTFI (I being instructions) and spent a fruitless hour wondering why my Entity Framework POCO generator never appeared in the new project template list when I wanted to add it!!

It was simple of course – I had only installed the Entity Framework POCO generator for web sites and not building a web project meant it would never appear!!! A quick look again I found the ‘other’ extension that supported my project type!


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