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Cloudstore – A marketplace for Government

Microsoft Marketplace and the Everything Apple's App Store have revolutionised how we all buy and use software. It's now the best way to 'buy bits'. So why shouldn't government consumers be able to connect with their suppliers in a similar way?

That was the challenge to Solidsoft from the Cabinet Office.

We responded with the CloudStore.
It replaces a complex system which had different applications from different providers spread across multiple locations. That made evaluating services and suppliers really difficult. Different departments could even find themselves vetting the same applications
Civil servants can now view and procure 1700 approved products and services from the G-Cloud Framework, all in one place. They can also exchange ideas and experiences. That means better-informed buying decisions and increased sharing and re-use of proven applications. Saving money and time, and improving working relationships between government and suppliers.

The CloudStore runs on the cutting-edge Azure platform, with the latest HTML interfaces. Best of all, it went from zero to live in just six weeks. And the story's not over yet.

Solidsoft’s CEO stated:

Our work on this project, built on the Microsoft platform, will help advance the uptake of Cloud technology and fuel the growth of the UK’s IT SMEs. The CloudStore will help the public sector harness the agility and innovation that SMEs bring to the table. At the same time, it will help those SMEs to conduct effective business with Government, on a level playing field with their larger counterparts.

Go and have a look….

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Cloudstore is a good marketplace option for government and I found this article very informative. I have also read an aussiessayservices review about this cloudstore that was quite positive given by an authentic source.
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