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For more years than I can remember we have talked about ensuring re-use of code from projects. We’ve achieved some but not with an overhead and a lot of re-work.Typically developers have pulled in code they’ve used before to ‘speed up’ development. And usually they have made changes to the code to ‘make it work’ for4 a particular project or fix bugs they’ve found. Unfortunately they don’t usually change the original source.

Recently I have been looking into this as an ‘off CTO duty’ piece of work. In particular I have been investigating the use of Nuget for use at Solidsoft. And guess what I’ve found the re-use master plan. I have taken some of my over used code and compiled it as a Nuget download.

What I found intriguing is that when I find a bug in my Nuget component code I have to fix it, build a new Nugget package creating a new version and the redeploy. This makes the developer very aware of his code and getting it right first time.

For my part my first components seem to be at version 1.07! My latest component, though, is at  version 1.2 so the discipline required is starting to take hold…

The bottom line  is that use of Nuget brings discipline to development.

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Reuse of code is still a big problem especially for newbies programmers. I learn a lot about re-use of code in Pay to get writing tips project. We grub full admin panel from one other project and then we implement it. When that module passed through testing phase, we get a big error report including all types of bugs. After that, we check each n every line of our code again n again and believe me, we forward that module with two week delay. Great to listen, that Nuget work for you!
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