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December 2005 Entries

The new Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0 has disabled instrumentation by default. It is very reasonable to do this because in low trust scenarios you are not able to install Performance Counters, Windows Event Logs/Sources or update WMI schemas. The previous version had "configurable" instrumentation by some #ifdefs in the source code. To change instrumentation you had to recompile the whole library every time you wanted to target a different deployment and therefore trust scenario. This time the ......

Microsoft Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0: Configuration The long awaited successor of the Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0 is near feature complete and will be finally released in January 2006. From the configuration perspective the main changes are: Configuration Application Block was replaced by the .NET 2.0 System.Configuration classes. Usage of ConfigurationSection and ConfigurationElement for ser/deserialization. Only the Logging Application Block registers to recieve file change notifications. ......