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Managed Performance counters are tricky (or broken, it depends how you look at them) to read when you have more than one process with the same name running managed code. Each performance counter gets as instance name a unique identifier ManagedApp ManagedApp#1 ManagedApp#2 ... If you want to know for a specific process identified by its process id thing become tricky. There is a counter in the .NET Memory category called Process ID which enables us to find out the correct counter instance name without ......

Uhh What? DevPath is an environment variable that allows you specify global directories which are searched just like GAC. If you ever had the urge to load dlls from your application from subdirectories you need a probing element in your app.config which allows exactly that. The only problem with that is that you cannot escape from your application root directory. When you try to load something from ..\Centralbin it is ignored. In that cases you need to use the GAC if you like it or not. Since DevPath ......