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April 2014 Entries

On my home machine VS2013 starts up in 2s from my SSD. But on another Windows 7 machine it takes over 13s. I never bothered really since I thought that some plugins and connecting to TFS simply takes its time. It stayed and itch until I installed Resharper 8 were things noticeably got slower. No big deal. Suspend Resharper and it will play dead. It works except that the startup time of VS still looked bad. Time for another profiling session with WPT. The approach is as simple as starting up WPRUI ......

Finally after long years of stagnation the JIT compiler got significant attention to support SIMD instructions. As an experienced .NET Developer your might think SIMD? What? Never heard of! DonĀ“t worry: You will hear the same from most experienced C/C++ developers. SIMD is more a geek thing for performance addicts which stands for Single Instruction Multiple Data. SIMD support means that the compiler (Intel, MSVC++ and now .NET JIT) can emit assembly instructions that take advantage of CPU features ......