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Sorry for the ridiculously late notice, but I'll be speaking on Monday, February 14th ( at Microsoft's ISV Community Days event on Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005.  I'll be presenting a "Lunch and Learn" session on ADO.NET 2.0, covering SQL Server 2005 CLR features, async and MARS (multiple active result set) querying, enhancements to typed DataSets, and the new data binding models in Windows Forms 2.0 and ASP.NET 2.0. The event will be held at the offices of ThinkPath at 195 Broadway, near Fulton (and the World Trade Center site -- I hate calling it "Ground Zero").  It's a $99 event and seems well worth it.  I'm told most of the content is coming from Redmond.

Again, sorry for the late notice but, have no fear, Microsoft will be repeating the event on March 17th.  Pretty cool that I will be speaking on both Saint Valentine's Day and Saint Patrick's Day.  Not bad for a Nice Jewish Boy, eh?.  Thanks to MS NY/NJ ISV DE (is that enough acronyms?) Sajee Mathew for inviting me to take part in the event.

Oh, I also just found out I'll be speaking at Tech Ed 2005, in lovely Orlando, in June.  At that talk I'll be covering Windows Forms 2.0 data binding exclusively.  Can you tell I like that topic?

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